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#0 Just do not lose focus!

Adonize at the ready

Sure, after a while you can work out quite well by instinct and memory when training in the gym. You know the most important exercises, do your workout. Weight plates on, world out. Perhaps even the music in your ears that makes you push the heavy metal explosively upward. You may even belong to the disciplined followers who grapple with unruly notes in order to be able to improve their training and performance as efficiently as possible.

Maybe you've already looked for the right app which supports you long-term in your goals after being frustrated by mislaid training notes and flagging motivation. The goal of making the next week better than the last, next month better than the month before. At the same time, unnecessarily complicated and rigid training logs take away from the flexibility of a good workout.

In short: The monitoring of your workout at the gym should not feel like hard work. Because your workout is tough enough. That is why Adonize is specifically designed so that it does not take your focus off the actual workout. And helps you track your performance development long-term with sophisticated features - to make it better for your training.

Adonize is at the ready and will soon be available for iOS and Android. Under HIGHLIGHTS and FEATURES, you can now find out what Adonize can do and how the app can help your workout routine.